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Bridge is an all-in-one payment processor that empowers Online gambling casinos to receive payments with minimal fees, and no holds. We make payments simple.


Payments Shouldn't Be Your Growth's Bottleneck

Gambling industry is evolving, but payment solutions aren't keeping up. The outdated model of allowing online businesses to process payments is complex and slow.

Due to its restrictions, store owners are experiencing list of troubles:

Gambling is still labeled as high-risk industry
Casino owners experience fund holds up to 180 days
Payouts are being delayed, and transactions are failing

Time To Bridge Online Casinos Payments Gap

Meet Bridge ━ Complete payment processing platform for Gambling that maximizes conversions, blocks fraud, and enables you frictionless payments with no holds.

Trusted by global companies

Increase Conversions With Fully Integrated Payments

From start to finish, our approach is conversion focused. With Bridge, you get native integrations with major platforms, that result in frictionless checkout experience.

Early users of Bridge saw a growth of 14% in conversions.

Grow Faster With Bank Level Security & No Holds

Bridge is crafted for Online gambling. We understand that your business needs stable cashflow in order to grow, so we made an infrastructure that supports online gambling payment processing with maximum level of security and no holds of your funds.

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Start Processing Payments In A Matter of Minutes

Waiting weeks for approval from payment processor? With Bridge, you automatically get a sandbox account, so you can test the app. After you fill out the onboarding form and connect your platform, you're good to go. Bridge empowers you to start growing today.

Natively Integrated With Platforms You Love

Use our native integrations and integrate Bridge with your favorite platform in less than 2 minutes, or simply use RESTful API and create custom payment flow.

We Make Online Gambling Payments Simple

Regardless of your business size and volume, Bridge is the solution for your needs. With the ultimate flexibility that we have in technology and administration, we can onboard pretty much any business.


Dedicated MID

We will not bundle you with other merchants. Every Bridge user may get a unique merchant ID with full control over your funds. It's time to stop with massive freezes and holds.


Fraud Protection

Protect your business from fraudulent transactions. By using our advanced technology and customizable risk rules while we detect, protect, and prevent your website from suspicious activities.


Global Routing

We build custom processing flows for you to increase the number of successful payments, while you sit back and do what you do best-run your business.


Transparent Pricing

Bridge pricing consists of 2 plans, and you get access to a complete payment processing platform, with simple pay-as-you-go pricing.


Powerful API

Stop spending months integrating payments. Bridge API is built for every tech stack while offering pre-built integrations for your favorite platforms.


Outstanding Support

When we say we care, we really mean it. Our average response time is under 1 minute and our support team's service is moving limits.

Transparent Pricing Without Hidden Fees

Get access to a complete payment platform, with advanced processing infrastructure, and grow your business with no holds.

Bridge pricing is comprised of pay-as-you-go fee for payment processing, and additional fees for custom features.

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+0.29c per transaction on average

Simple, pay as you go pricing
No holds and account freezes
No setup, monthly or hidden fees
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