We Empower Online Businesses to Enter New Markets

By providing a complete, end-to-end payment ecosystem, we give you the possibility to process payments from every single corner of the world

Active Countries

We aim to empower you to process payments wherever you are.

Currencies Supported

No matter what currency you want to process through your website, Bridge covers you.

Financial Partners

By partnering with 130+ financial partners worldwide, we provide you the best conditions to process payments.

Team Members

Our team is located all around the globe, with 3 headquarters in London, Dubai and Belgrade.

We Were Not Impressed With Payment Solutions.

The outdated model of allowing online businesses to process payments is complex and slow. It wasn't built for agile, fast-paced businesses. So, we decided to change that.

We made payments simple - but not just that. Using our expertise, we empower you to get the most out of every transaction, save your business from fraudsters, optimize your profitability and stabilize your cash flow.

Turn-key Solutions.

We help your business move faster and enter new markets easily. With the set of our in-built tools, you have everything you need to reach your full potential - from offering fully personalized payment methods to driving better, finance-backed decisions for your business.

Simplified payments.

Our in-house payments, fraud, and profitability optimization teams are setting everything up for you. Our payment-as-a-service approach is designed to let you focus on doing what you do best - run your business, while our internal teams do everything else for you.

Strong Values That Bring Great People Together

Values are like fingerprints. Nobodies are the same, but you leave them on everything you do

Entrepreneurial Mindset

We believe that added value is key to achieving the full potential.

Customers Come First

We're passionate and dedicated to every person who gets in touch with Bridge, providing you with the best possible service and support.


Everything we do focuses on providing innovative and intuitive solutions that a five-year-old can understand, keeping it simple for everyone.

Learn & adapt

Change is inevitable. To stay successful, we are experimenting, making mistakes, and learning new stuff every single day.


We create a tribe that matches our vibe. By building community-driven products, we are helping entrepreneurs achieve their ambitions.

Growing together

We believe that self-awareness makes the team do miracles. We encourage each other to challenge ourselves. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Trusted by Industry Experts & Global Companies.

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Thore Hauthal

Founder @ Stark Network

Ecommerce now has it's flagship payment processor. It's called Bridge!

James Still

Founder @ Dropify

It takes you less than 10 minutes to get registered and approved. The experience is very smooth and intuitive. Bridge lets you start scaling your business in no-time.

Justin Woll

Founder @ Beyond 6 Figures

Bridge is the solution all Dropshippers were waiting for. Besides making it possible for Ecommerce store owners to process payments without holds, they have lower fees than the competition.

Stefan Lazarević

CEO @ Infinity

Being able to receive payments without any holds is super important for my SaaS business. The fact that Billing & Invoicing is free was just the cherry on top. Big recommendation!

Alex Fetodoff

Facebook Ads Expert

If you're not using Bridge to accept payments from your customers, then there's a pretty good chance you're missing out a lot of opportunities to grow and scale-up.

Ricky Hayes

Founder & CEO @ Debutify

Bridge helps you go global. By covering 54 countries and over 140 currencies, you can easily put your business on a map and enter new markets without hassle!

Our Offices Are Located All Around The World.

One team from around the world that helps businesses grow faster. We're just getting started.

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13 John Prince's Street, London, W1G 0JR
(415) 206-1788

Dubai, UAE

JVC, Summer 2B, 137, Dubai
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Belgrade, Serbia

Nemanjina 40, 11000 Belgrade
(415) 206-1788
Belgrade, Serbia
London, UK
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