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Bridge is an all-in-one payment processor for new age businesses, empowering you to receive payments with minimal fees and no holds.


Trusted by global companies


Made For 21st Century Businesses

Combining cutting-edge technology with a wide network of financial partners, we created an advanced infrastructure that makes payments frictionless for every industry.

Start Processing Payments in a Matter Of Minutes

The payment industry is broken, so we decided to fix it. Bridge is a comprehensive payment solution built for any business. Making payments simple & frictionless is our part, so you can focus on growing your business.

One Platform For All Business Payments

We provide you with everything you need to receive payments from all around the world safely.


Live Dashboard

Track all your key performance metrics in a bird-eye view.

Track metrics of your choice for one or multiple brands under the Bridge account
Customize your reports with pre-made charts and reporting templates
Have a complete overview of your brand performance in real-time
Filter the specific metrics, create comparison charts and dive deep into data

Transaction Feed

Manage your activity feed and transactions from a single point of view.

See each transaction in general and segmented view
See the phases of your customer's flow and define bottlenecks
Dive deep into transaction details for full data and advance filtering
Monitor transaction statuses & manually execute actions
Issue full and partial refunds, download invoices & more

Billing & Recurring Payments

Use billing to create recurring payments, recurring product plans, and invoices for all your clients.

Easily create automatic and manual subscriptions
Create quick recurring offers, free trials and different product packages
Create recurring invoices for clients
Manage recurring payments & track customer lifetime value
Automatically assign new or existing subscriptions to new or existing customers


Use Bridge invoicing feature to create payable, one-time and recurring payments in seconds.

Create manual or automatic invoices for your services or products
Create one-time or recurring invoices for your services or products
Automate the sales cycle and collect payment in a few clicks
Use Invoices to sell special offers, product features or services to new or existing customers

Fraud Protection

Our powerful fraud scoring system includes 74+ specific parameters to fight and prevent fraudsters from damaging your website.

Prevent chargebacks and disputes
Terminate friendly fraud and reversed payments
Block suspicious transactions & flag potential fraud activities
Prevent transactions from burner phones, identity theft signals and stolen cards

Automated Routing

While selling on a global market, payment processing is usually expensive with cross-border fees and extra costs of foreign card processing.

Create multiple routing scenarios and increase success rates
Diversify your fund balance and "hold eggs in multiple baskets"
Avoid cross-border fees and hidden expenses
Avoid FX exchange charges & cross-currency fees

Payment Methods

Revenue expansion is the most overseen thing in payment processing, and offering multiple payment methods based on your buyer's needs will drastically expand you revenue.

Offer your customers multiple ways to pay
Expand your revenue by expanding the payment options
Hyper-personalize your checkout by implementing local payment methods
Collect more money and reduce revenue churn

Payout Scenarios

We understand our merchant needs and believe that the money earned should be in your pocket as soon as possible.

Apply for same-day payouts
Diversify your balance by connecting multiple bank accounts for payouts
Create custom payment flows, and custom payout time that fits your needs
Have constant cash flow and avoid bottlenecks

Empower Your Business With Frictionless Payments

Bridge provides all the tools you need to accept payments from every single corner of the world with minimal fees and holds.

Get Control of Your Business Finance.

Get a birds-eye view of your business with a united real-time account balance for online and bank payments.

Dedicated MID
Fraud Prevention

Grow Your Ecommerce.

Provide a top-notch payment experience for almost any platform, tech or use case.

Multiple payment methods
Global routing

Billing and Subscriptions.

Help your clients get paid faster at the same time as attracting more payments to serve.

Real-time data tracking & overview
Intuitive and functional analytics

Plug Bridge in Your Tech Stack Easily

Use our native integrations and integrate Bridge with your favorite platform in less than 2 minutes, or simply use RESTful API and create custom payment flow.

We Make Payments Simple

Regardless of your business industry, size and volume, Bridge is the solution for your needs. With the ultimate flexibility that we have in technology and administration, we can onboard pretty much any business.


Dedicated MID

We will not bundle you with other merchants. Every Bridge user may get a unique merchant ID with full control over your funds. It's time to stop with massive freezes and holds.


Fraud Prevention

Protect your business from fraudulent transactions. By using our advanced technology and customizable risk rules while we detect, protect, and prevent your website from suspicious activities.


Global Routing

We build custom processing flows for you to increase the number of successful payments, while you sit back and do what you do best-run your business.


Transparent Pricing

Bridge pricing consists of 2 plans, and you get access to a complete payment processing platform, with simple pay-as-you-go pricing.


Powerful API

Stop spending months integrating payments. Bridge API is built for every tech stack while offering pre-built integrations for your favorite platforms.


Outstanding Support

When we say we care, we really mean it. Our average response time is under 1 minute and our support team's service is moving limits.


Trusted by Global Companies & Experts

" I have figured out that having a "smaller" PSP for your processing needs brings some big benefits, as the service is really tailor-made for the your own case, and you get much bigger focus on yourself as a client.
Bridge has a solid team with lots of experience in the e-commerce world, and you will get value - for sure."

Thore Hauthal
Owner @Stark Network

“ Great team with solid tech & overall approach to the problems that modern e-commerce businesses have. I would recommend getting in touch with Bridge team to anyone who is in the e-commerce space and wants to get the "360-view" of the possibilities and benefits regarding payment processing.“

Ricky Hayes
Co-founder @ Debutify

“ I had a chance to get to know the founder - and I absolutely love the approach and the vision behind it, especially the way they modernise the day-2-day communication and client maintenance, as most of the payment processing companies act like we are still in 1998. Great solution with native integrations with all major e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce and others, super easy to use while having some unique features relevat to the e-commerce industry.
I would recommend Bridge to every e-commerce business owner who wants to get the most out of payment processing setup and have a full team of dedicated experts watching his back.“

Derric Haynie
Founder & CEO @EcommerceTech

Transparent Pricing Without Hidden Fees

Get access to a complete payment platform, with advanced processing infrastructure, and grow your business with no holds.

Bridge pricing is comprised of pay-as-you-go fee for payment processing, and additional fees for custom features.

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+0.29c per transaction on average

Simple, pay as you go pricing
No holds and account freezes
No setup, monthly or hidden fees
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Additional fees may occur in time from crossborder & carriers

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